If this is your anniversary, congratulations! You are sharing this date with a couple in country music. Naomi Judd marries Larry Strickland at Christ Church in Nashville, in 1989. Ashley and Wynonna Judd serve as bridesmaids at the ceremony, and Wynonna performs with band member Don Potter.

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Happy 27th Anniversary to both of them.

This Is National Nurses Day! 

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Today, we would like to recognize all nurses for their contributions and commitment to quality health care for all of us, from babies to seniors.

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Nurses are there for our children.

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They are there for care as we grow older.

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You'll even find them offering comfort and home care, for those in poor health.

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They are there to ease your fears about some of those scary machines.

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They are always there to help us get through those most painful moments, as well. God Bless All Nurses today and everyday.

Concho Valley birthdays include:

(Today 5-6)

Melissa Gorsching, 39. From Mom, Dad and her 2 children. Meliss wins 4 delicious gourmet cupcakes from Cakes In A Cup.

(Saturday 5-7)

Hunter Tucker, 10. From Dad.

Alexis Banda, 14. From the whole Banda Clan.

(Sunday 5-8)

James Davenport Jr., 26. From Mom and Step-Dad.

Serenity Mata, 10. From Mom and her 2 sisters.

Happy Anniversary to:

(Today 5-6)

Alvie & Vee Hester, 55 years.

(Saturday 5-7)

Steven & Brittany Stover, 5 years. From the Cook family.

Congratulations to, Cary & Dorothy Tomerlin, who celebrated their 56th anniversary (5-3). The are this week's winners of a dozen roses from Friendly Flower Shop.