If this is your birthday or anniversary, congratulations! Here are a few things that have happened on this date in country music,

In 1948, Hank Williams records "Lovesick Blues" in Cincinnati at the E.T. Herzog Studio.

In 1973, Merle Haggard is perched at #1 on the Billboard country singles chart with "If We Make It Through December".

Capitol Records Nashville
Capitol Records Nashville

In 1984, The Judds and "Why Not Me" are found at #1 on the Billboard country chart.

Stagecoach California's Country Music Festival 2008 - Day 2
Kevin Winter, Getty Images

Concho Valley birthdays include:
Alex DeLa Garza-39/Happy Birthday from your Judy Pie!
Linda McKamie-47/Happy Birthday from Mom!

Congratulations to Linda McKamie, she won a delicious birthday dessert from Papa Murphy's Pizza!

Alex & Yusenia (Judy Pie) DeLa Garza-6 years on Dec. 21st.
Mario & Claudia Luna-41 Years on Dec. 20th!

If you're celebrating today, we hope it's a Fantastic Day for You!

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