If this is your birthday or anniversary, congratulations! But it's even a more special day for our canine friends. This Is Take Your Dog To Work Day! 

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This very special day for you and your dog was created in 1999 by Pet Sitters International. It was created to recognize dogs as great companions, and to encourage adoptions of dogs.

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I'll bet your dog would be happy to walk to work.

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Some dogs really enjoy the drive into work.

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Some dogs will even fly with you to wherever your work takes you.

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Whatever your occupation, make this a special day for you and your dog.

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One more thing, please remember to allow for those potty breaks!

Concho Valley birthdays include:
Benjamin Clouser-30-Happy Birthday from Peggy, Matt, & Katie
Sunday Birthdays:
Shane Beechler-38-Happy Birthday from your friends at the State Assisted Living School
Carlton Fontenot-20-Happy Birthday from Jimmy, Debbie, Jetton, and Grandma!

Our Cakes in a Cup Birthday Winner is Lee Wright! Lee wins 4 Gourmet Cup Cakes from Cakes in a Cup. Happy 8th Birthday Lee from your Grandma!

Happy Anniversary to:
Eddie & Shannon Zuniga-21 years!
Henry & Inez Gonzales-49 years-Happy Anniversary from Sylvia!

The Friendly Flowers Winner of a dozen roses is Eddie & Shannon Zuniga!

If you're celebrating this Friday-Sunday, we hope you have a Fantastic Birthday or Anniversary!

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