I was 25, living in San Diego working part time for a radio station. I was working a big event for the station when I was approached by a club owner. He owned a club called Parq, a well established hip hop night club.

He saw the success of other country bars in San Diego and wanted to capitalize on it. Gave me his card and invited me to the club to talk about helping him out.

Well we talked for a couple weeks, I gave him pointers about how to advertise for country fans, what drinks they prefer, what artists would be best to bring in, etc. It was going so well that he told me if the first show went well, he'd want to bring me on full time as the person who brings in country acts, essentially a dream for me.

Well we go through a list of artists to bring in, ones that would attract non country fans as much as country fans, and Kane Brown was near the top of the list. This was right around the time he was first breaking on the scene with his first big hits.

The time came, Kane Brown was ready to be the first country act to perform at Parq. Everything looked amazing, the crowd was excited, the boss was happy, Kane Brown was ready to perform in San Diego for the first time.

He takes the stage, performs 2 songs and says:

I'd hate to do this to y'all, but I think this place gave me food poisoning. I'll be back in San Diego again soon...


To summarize, Kane Brown, the artist I pushed to be brought,

-Only played 2 songs

-Insulted the restaurant

-Left without warning

Suffice to say I did not get that job, and to this day Parq is exclusively a hip hop night club.

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