A photo that shows Willie Nelson getting the COVID-19 vaccine also reveals the kind of car Nelson drives, and we're a bit shocked.

Maybe we shouldn't be, though. Nelson, 87, has long shown in interest in vehicles that trade in country credibility for good, environmental common sense. Remember BioWillie? That was Nelson's biodiesel company that called it quits seven years ago. Lower fuel prices and the invention of electric cars tampered demand, and the singer looks to have hitched his wagon to the next big thing.

Take a look:

Do you see it? Rightly so, the focus is on the mask, the bandage on his nose and the fact that Nelson is getting his vaccine shot in this picture. But the symbol on his steering wheel stands out: Willie Nelson is driving a Tesla!

Taste of Country's Adison Haager did some research and found that this isn't far off brand for Nelson. In fact, it's arguably a perfect fit. In 2008, the country star's drummer, Paul English, told Texas Monthly how the legend used to pull a trailer with his Mercedes Benz. Just a few years earlier, the New York Times noted that the exhaust from his Benz smelled like peanuts due to his use of biofuel. Tesla's line of vehicles are all electric, meaning Nelson is keeping his commitment to clean driving in 2020.

Nelson, whose new Frank Sinatra tribute album drops on Feb. 26, isn't the only country singer to drive a Tesla. Kane Brown told Taste of Country Nights that he bought a Tesla as his "dad car."

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