If you went to ASU's Ram Jam last Saturday (Oct 22nd) you experienced a fantastic performance by Shane Smith and the Saints. If you weren't already a fan, I'll bet you became one after seeing them live!

After the release of their new song "Hummingbird", even though it has not been tied to a forthcoming album, there is a lot of speculation that a new project could be released to their fans and possibly very soon. "Hummingbird" is the first new release from the band in four years! We play it and numerous other hit songs from the band on Kickin' Country 103-1.

Shane Smith & The Saints have made a name for themselves as road warriors, playing well over 100 shows annually to sold out crowds. Their sound blends Texas country, Americana and Southern rock with incredible four-part harmonies. Their live performances are full of high energy that has created an ever growing fan base who always want more after the show is over!

With three albums under their belt since 2013, the group takes their time to create and release music, never rushing to put something out that they are not truly proud of. The band's first album, "Coast", was released in 2013, and two years later came "Geronimo", followed by "Hail Mary" in 2019.  Shane Smith & The Saints have built a solid foundation and they have done it all on their own terms.

Shane explains why it takes time for the band to release new projects...“I don’t like just throwing stuff out there. If I’m going to be singing about something every night, I try to make it personal, make it something I can really relate to. I like to sing with conviction, an honest conviction.”

Word is spreading to be ready for more new music from the band on the horizon. It's interesting to note that on October 21st, they released another new song called “Fire in the Ocean” and chased it with the message, “and there’s much more to come…”

Shane Smith & The Saints are certainly due for a new album and they’ve been steadily climbing the ladder of recognition toward top headliner status, touring extensively and breaks like being highlighted in last November's Season 4 of Yellowstone with their song “All I See Is You" gave them an extra sales boost in their music.”

The band is on a roll and accomplishing great things. Their many fans are ready for a new album from them and I'm sure it's coming.....hopefully soon!

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