Kaitlin Butts is a very talented singer, songwriter and musician and the latest Texas/Red Dirt artist to debut on the Grand Ole Opry this past Saturday, November 5th.

November 7, 2022—Acclaimed singer, songwriter and musician Kaitlin Butts made her Grand Ole Opry debut this past Saturday performing her songs “Blood” and “Jackson” as well as a special rendition of “Whiskey Lullaby” with her husband, Cleto Cordero - front man and chief songwriter of Flatland Cavalry.

Kaitlin talked about what being on the Grand Ole Opry meant to her....“I have sung in dive bars, county fairs, appliance stores, living rooms, theaters, stadiums, rodeos, on top of truck beds, in front of 2 people and in front of 20,000 people, but no stage will ever be as grand as the Grand Ole Opry stage. I feel so privileged to have the opportunity to sing on a stage where so many of the people in country music, who I feel like raised me, have stood before. Last year, my husband got to play the Opry with his band and at the end of the night, he looked at me and said ‘Just you wait. That’s gonna be you someday.’ And I’m not going to lie, I was frustrated when he said that and I said “Cleto, do not put that unrealistic, unachievable idea in my head. That may never happen for me and I’m okay with that.’ The Opry felt untouchable to me, like it was for people who really had it going on and they had a big fancy label, a manager with a 10-gallon hat and a private jet. I am rarely the first to admit when I am wrong, but Cleto, I was wrong. I got invited to play the Grand Ole Opry stage while I was standing in the flower section at the east side Kroger. I may not have any of those things that I thought you had to have to get to play the Opry, I have something better. I have so many people around me who believe in me and that encourage me to do things that I never thought were possible for myself.”

The performance adds to a breakthrough year for Butts, who released her widely acclaimed new album, "What Else Can She Do", this past spring.
Additionally, following the release, Butts unveiled her new acoustic series, "Sad Yeehaw Sessions", last week, which consists of six stripped-down performances: “Angels Like You,” “Hold You Down,” “One More Girl,” “Blood (Stripped)” and “Whiskey Lullaby” feat. Cordero.

"What Else Can She Do" is Butts’ second full-length studio album following her 2015 debut, "Same Hell, Different Devil". Since her debut, Butts has gone on to release several diverse singles including 2019’s “White River” and 2021’s “Marfa Lights” and “How Lucky Am I.”
Raised in Tulsa and now based in Nashville, Butts has continued to tour relentlessly across the country, building a passionate grassroots fanbase as she goes. In addition to multiple headline shows, she has performed alongside artists such as Turnpike Troubadours, Flatland Cavalry and Parker McCollum.

Here is a list of confirmed upcoming tour dates with Kaitlin Butts:

November 11—Helotes, TX—Floore’s Country Store*
December 9—Fort Worth, TX—Billy Bob’s
January8-10—Steamboat Springs, CO—The MusicFest at Steamboat
March 1—New York, NY—Bowery Ballroom+
March 2—Boston, MA—Royale+
March 3—Philadelphia, PA—World Café Live+
March 4—Cleveland, OH—Agora Theater & Ballroom+
March 5—Detroit, MI—El Club+
March 25—Santa Barbara, CA—Lobero Theatre+
March 26—Phoenix, AZ—Crescent Ballroom+
March 28—Santa Fe, NM—Meow Wolf+
March 30—Houston, TX—Heights Theater+
March 31—Austin, TX—Scoot Inn+
April 1—Dallas, TX—Kessler Theater+
April 2—Austin, TX—Scoot Inn+
April 6—Nashville, TN—Ryman Auditorium+
April 8—Atlanta, GA—Tabernacle+
April 16—Georgetown, TX—Two Step Inn
April 30—Indio, CA—Stagecoach
May 19—Knoxville, TN—River Breeze Event Center^
*supporting Wade Bowen
+supporting Morgan Wade
^supporting Paul Cauthen

We play a number of Kaitlin's songs on Kickin' Country 103-1. If you get the chance to see her in concert, you will have a great time at the show!!

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