Adam Hood has just made his Grand Ole Opry debut last Saturday, October 22nd.

The Saturday night double-header featured sets from Opry members Darius Rucker, Bill Anderson, Jeannie Seely, Lauren Alaina and Dustin Lynch.

Here is what Adam Hood had to say about playing the Grand Ole Opry...“I wish it wasn’t over! I didn’t want it to end. The amount of support from family, friends and fans was staggering! The folks at the Opry are the best in the business, and that stage sounds just like you would think it does. It’s gonna take a while to come down from this one!” said Hood.

Before he ever became a Solo artist/ Frontman, Hood was a behind-the-scenes songwriter for more than 2 decades offering up songs with a southern sound that mixes soul, country, and American roots music into the same package and all started in Opelika, Alabama where he was raised. Hood has helped pen songs for superstars like Miranda Lambert, Little Big Town, Cody Jinks, Travis Tritt, Whiskey Myers, Josh Abbott Band, Lee Ann Womack and dozens of other artists who have recorded Hood's songs.

Hood started playing hometown shows at age 16, with a weekly residency at a local restaurant on weekends. He started out doing mostly cover songs of singers like Steve Warner, Hank Williams Jr, Vince Gill and others. But as the years progressed Adam found himself playing shows across the entire country with his own songs.

And now in 2022, Hood’s Opry debut came on the heels of his fifth studio album “Bad Days Better” which was just released in mid-September with 10 new songs.

Here is how Adam describes the album..."It's southern music, that's what it represents: the soulful side of southern music, the country side of southern music, the genuineness of southern culture, and the way I grew up. One of the t-shirts I sell at every show simply says ‘Southern songs’ and that's a good summary of what I do. It's what I've always done."

Kickin’ Country is playing his latest single called “Harder Stuff” featuring Miranda Lambert along with numerous other hit songs he has had over the years.

Check out part of his Grand Ole Opry performance here...

Adam Hood’s current tour is taking him all over the country...Again!

If you get a chance to see him in concert, do it...he is awesome!!

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