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Believe it or not, Thanksgiving is next week. How did that sneak up on us so fast?

Well like most Americans and Texans, you'll be feasting on some turkey again come next Thursday. We all know turkeys can't fly, but the prices of turkeys sure are. According to a report from Bloomberg, the costs to raise and store turkeys have gone up this year.

A rancher in the Texas Hill Country a couple of hours to the east of San Angelo tells Bloomberg that supply chain issues are causing turkey prices to rise:

In Fredericksburg, Texas, regenerative farm Roam Ranch is facing rising feed, grain and labor costs for its pasture-raised turkeys. The farm is also having trouble securing enough frozen and refrigerated trucks for shipping as skyrocketing fuel prices and a driver shortage plague the industry.

“Turkey prices for the upcoming Thanksgiving will be significantly higher than previous years,” said Roam’s co-founder Taylor Collins, noting that the ranch is seeing “disturbances in supply chains.”

The story goes on to say that the number of turkeys in storage is very much below normal for this time of year. With the fact that more people are looking to get together this year after the COVID pandemic cut back on gathering last year, a double whammy of low supply and high demand is being created.

The cost of turkeys isn't the only thing making Thanksgiving gatherings will be pricier this year. The story also says the higher price of gas will also make it more expensive for traveling families wanting to get together.

So, is inflation to blame? Bloomberg says inflation across the globe is an issue and it is getting worse in the U.S. The story says we are seeing the "highest inflation in 30 years."

Well even though we don't want to see their prices are flying, at least we know turkeys themselves can't fly. Well, most of us know that...

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