We love our Football in Texas. TxDOT is encouraging fans to enjoy the big game responsibly by planning ahead for a safe ride home through its "Drive Sober, No Regrets", Statewide impaired driving football campaign.

In a press release TxDOT stated that the campaign aims to reduce the number of DUI-related traffic crashes on football game days. They point out that too often a designated driver is chosen because he or she is often considered the “least drunk” person in the group. The designated driver should always be a sober driver who has not consumed any amount of alcohol.

One regrettable decision to drink and drive could turn game time into a DWI costing up to $17,000 in fines and fees, the loss of a license, jail time or worse. The human toll of drunk driving is tragic, but there are also legal and financial costs for the driver that are a nightmare to deal with.

You can lose your job or have difficulty finding future employment due to background checks.
You can struggle to find housing. Many landlords and apartment complex management companies run background checks before agreeing to a lease.
If you are divorced and have children, your custody rights could be impacted by a DWI conviction.
You can lose more than your driver’s license. Medical licenses, pilot licenses and commercial driver’s licenses can all be revoked with a DWI.
For felony charges, you can lose the right to vote or own a gun.
An obnoxious amount of paperwork and hassle.

Visit Faces of Drunk Driving to learn more about the consequences of driving impaired Covering FIRST DWI OFFENSE (UNDER 21), FIRST DWI OFFENSE (OVER 21), HOW A DWI CAN COST UP TO $17,000 IN FINES AND FEES, and more information.

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