This Friday & Saturday you can recycle and shred free!


There's no charge to drop off almost anything electronic that can be recycled including: televisions, microwaves, computers, notebooks, fax machines, copiers, cell phones, scanners, printers, monitors, servers, phone systems, software, audio equipment, electric keyboards and any electronic components.


S.A.F.E. Recycling Accepts Only Separated Items
 Clean food and drink containers — glass, metal, aluminum and steel
 Mixed metal- scrap metal, pots and pans, lawn chairs, copper
 Dry newspapers, magazines, catalogs, white and colored paper
 Corrugated cardboard, feed sacks, paper grocery bags, boxes
 Batteries — Lead acid, car, truck & motorcycle, rechargeable
 Telephone books
 Cell phones
 Plastic - # 1 and # 2 and Plastic grocery bags
 Eyeglasses
 Egg Cartons
 Ink cartridges

Unloading cars

Items Not Accepted Include:
Tires, Pressurized containers, household trash, mattresses,
Paint and Hazardous materials, firearms, ammunition, fencing, coat hangers, windshields, mirrors, styrofoam packing, oil, oil filters or any type of lubricant.

Electronics only can be dropped off at the old Colt's Stadium parking lot this Friday from Noon until 5.

All items can be dropped off at the SAFE Recycling Center, 702 Warehouse Road from 9-4 both Friday & Saturday.

Call Safe Recycling at 659-0722 for more information.

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