Though she's fresh off the release of her Frank Sinatra tribute album Let's Be Frank, Trisha Yearwood is already anxious to talk about her next country album. Expect it to be packed with some major girl power, she says.

"There are a lot of songs that are written or co-written by females on this record," Yearwood tells Taste of Country Nights of the project, which is expected to come this fall. "It wasn't intentional, but in the way it's taking shape, it's really going to be able to give a good shoutout to the female artists and writers."

Being able to put the spotlight on the sheer talent of female artists and writers is something that Yearwood says she loves to do, especially since she heard so much potential as she prepped the upcoming album.

"We talk a lot about how females aren’t getting played on the radio," she says, but, "I heard so many great songs and so many great female voices. There are a lot of girl singers in this town that need to be played on the radio that don't have record deals, but that are writing amazing songs and singing their butts off — and I got the benefit of being able to record a lot of these songs, so I’m excited."

Yearwood adds that while the album is not completely finished, it is in the final stages of completion at the moment. The superstar and wife of Garth Brooks celebrated her 20th anniversary as a Grand Ole Opry member on March 12.

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