The Chicks have revealed the full tracklisting for their upcoming new album, Gaslighter, which is set for release in less than two weeks.

The tracklisting is available via Apple Music, revealing 12 new titles that the Chicks mostly co-wrote, working with a slate of additional songwriters that includes their co-producer, Jack Antonoff, as well as Julia Michaels, Justin Tranter and more.

Fans have already heard three of the new tracks, "Gaslighter," "Julianna Calm Down" and most recently "March March," a song laced with sociopolitical protest. Formerly known as the Dixie Chicks, the trio released that track on June 25, the same day they announced that they were dropping the "Dixie" from their name in response to the racial protests going on after the deaths of George Floyd and other unarmed Black men and women at the hands of police in recent days and months.

Other tracks include "Sleep at Night," "For Her," "My Best Friend's Weddings," "Tights on My Boat" and more, culminating in a track titled "Set Me Free." While it's not entirely clear yet how it comes together, the new album appears to be somewhat of a concept album premised around the dissolution of Chicks singer Natalie Maines' marriage to actor Adrian Pasdar, shot through with themes of female empowerment.

The album's title track, "Gaslighter," appears to imply that Pasdar cheated on Maines on her boat with the lines, "You thought I wouldn't see it if you put it in my face / Give you all my money, you'll gladly walk away / You think it's justifiable, I think it's pretty cruel / And you know you lie best when you lie to you / 'Cause, boy, you know exactly what you did on my boat / And, boy, / that's exactly why you ain't comin' home / Save your tired stories for your new someone else / 'Cause they're lie-lie-lie-lie-lies." One Chicks fan turned to Twitter to speculate that "Tights on My Boat" might provide more details.

The Chicks also revealed via Twitter that they plan to start sharing lyrics from individual songs soon, advising fans to "stay tuned."

Gaslighter is set for release on July 17, marking the trio's first album since Taking the Long Way in 2006. The trio of Maines, Emily Strayer and Martie Maguire initially announced the release of Gaslighter for May 1 but pushed the album release back in response to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

The Chicks planned to tour arenas in 2020, but it's unclear where those plans stand in light of the pandemic.

The Chicks' Gaslighter Tracklisting:

1. "Gaslighter" (Natalie Maines, Emily Strayer, Martie Maguire, Jack Antonoff)
2. "Sleep at Night" (Maines, Strayer, Maguire, Teddy Geiger, Justin Tranter)
3. "Texas Man" (Maines, Strayer, Maguire, Antonoff, Julia Michaels, Tranter)
4. "Everybody Loves You" (Charlotte Lawrence, Gene Penner, Michael Spargur)
5. "For Her" (Maines, Strayer, Maguire, Ariel Rechtshaid, Sarah Aarons)
6. "March March" (Maines, Strayer, Maguire, Antonoff, Dan Wilson, Ian Kirkpatrick, Ross Golan)
7. "My Best Friend's Weddings" (Maines, Strayer, Maguire, Antonoff, Tranter)
8. "Tights On My Boat" (Maines, Strayer, Maguire, Antonoff, Michaels)
9. "Julianna Calm Down" (Maines, Antonoff, Michaels)
10. "Young Man" (Maines, Strayer, Maguire, Antonoff, Annie Clark, Tranter)
11. "Hope It's Something Good" (Maines, Strayer, Maguire, Antonoff)
12. "Set Me Free" (Maines, Strayer, Maguire, Antonoff, Ben Abraham)

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