'X Factor' contestant Tate Stevens may have performed Clay Walker's 'Fall' during Wednesday night's (Dec. 13) race for a spot in next week's finale, but the country hopeful did anything but stumble during his own rendition of the emotional power ballad.

In fact, show creator and celebrity judge Simon Cowell seems to think that Stevens is a shoo-in for the final round of this season of the wildly popular reality competition series.

"There's about as much chance of you going back to your old job as there is of me flying to the moon tomorrow," Cowell told him after his stellar performance of 'Fall.'

When it comes to winning the 'X Factor' competition, the stakes are high for the 37-year-old Missouri native. Admitting that he may not have a job to go home to should he be eliminated, Stevens knows that the perks of a superstar career would allow a better way of life from him and wife, Ashlie.

"My wife has been this rock this whole time I've been chasing this dream," shares the devoted husband, who just celebrated his 15-year wedding anniversary. "This song ... I can sing it and mean it."

"What I need to do this week is make it to the finals for her," he added.

Was Steven's performance of 'Fall' enough to ensure his spot in next week's finale episode? We'll have to wait and see.

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