Ronnie Dunn is committed to making music for as long as his vocal cords will let him. The 68-year-old has just released a new song, "Broken Neon Hearts," and says there is more on the way.

"Broken Neon Hearts" paints the picture of a neon-lit dancehall where ladies get in for half-price and it's two-for-one on Tuesday nights. A place where you can forget about your broken heart with "whiskey floatin' on Coke and ice." Everyone is there to heal, and the music serves as the best form of therapy.

"It's where the lost and lonely go / It's where the endless cold beer flows / Music plays, and the healing starts / For the lonesome, blue, broken neon hearts." he sings in the chorus.

The imagery is country music at its core, while the steel guitar is a nod to country music from the '80s and '90s. We can expect of this old school sound from Dunn on an upcoming album.

The country crooner shared on social media that "Broken Neon Hearts" is just the beginning of a project he has wanted to make for quite some time. "I purposely reached for a late 80’s / 90’s Country... honky tonks, whiskey, neon lights, lost love, looking for love... twin fiddles, steel guitars, and string bending telecasters," he notes.

Although he has yet to share any other details about the project, we know it will be a solo album from the Brooks & Dunn member.

Most recently, Dunn and Kix Brooks perform together during New Year's Eve Live: Nashville's Big Bash. They sang "Brand New Man" alongside Jason Aldean and Darius Rucker. Brooks & Dunn also have dates scheduled this summer at various festivals.

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