Reid Perry of the Band Perry had to make a trip to the emergency room over the weekend, and he documented his trip on social media.

The 28-year-old recently underwent an emergency appendectomy and decided to share the experience on his Instagram stories from his apparent entrance to the UCLA  Emergency Department, all the way to his model-esque pose in a light blue hospital gown.

Throughout the experience, Perry made jocular notes on his photos such as, "“Kind of a bad time for this to happen right now" and “I never get sick, but when I do, they take body parts away.”

One of his posts was a photo of an IV solution bag and some other medical equipment that read "appendectomy" 30-plus times with 15-plus references to him being "under the knife," so Perry made it cut-and-dry as to what was going on.

Later came the aforementioned model-esque photo of Perry in his hospital gown that had the captions "getting bored while going crazy," "I keep thinking about that opening scene from TWD (most likely referring to The Walking Dead)," and "gonna cop a few of these" in reference to his sweet new hospital gown. Perry also shared his discharge from the hospital, with some close-ups of him removing his hospital bracelet.

After the incident, Neil Perry, brother and bandmate of Reid, shared a lengthy message on his Instagram account, explaining what was going on.

"So thankful that my brother is feeling better today after a mild health scare," Neil writes. "Reid is the quintessential middle kid – never gets too down // never gets too high. He always stays in that middle ground of emotion and attitude (and that’s the best place to b(e)). That’s how he rides out every situation life throws at him with strength and calm. And that is one of the things I try to apply to my own life looking at his."

The Band Perry's standing in music — country or otherwise — is unclear. After going dark on social media a year ago only to resurface with a different look, there have not been any new song releases recently.

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