Miranda Lambert turned to social media to share videos of her adorable new kitten, and the footage is absolutely certain to brighten up even the darkest day.

The country superstar is well-known for her love of animals, and it's not unusual at all for her to take in new strays. In the videos below, she updates fans on a precious little kitten named Tequila Sunrise, who's already got another country singer wrapped around his little paw.

Tequila Sunrise is a beautiful orange-and-white tabby who still needs to grow into his ears and eyes, which makes him that much more adorable. According to the videos, his hobbies so far include relaxing, stretching, looking around preciously and nibbling on his mommy's hand — and judging from Lambert's reaction in the second video, he hasn't quite learned yet how hard is too hard.

Lambert's Instagram followers were quick to lavish praise on the adorable new addition to her family, including "Small Town Hypocrite" singer Caylee Hammack, who commented on the kitten by writing, "I want to squeeze him so very badly."

Lambert and her husband, Brendan McLoughlin, found the kitten while riding around in their truck in Texas in June. McLoughlin was driving when he suddenly made a U-turn, and when his famous wife asked him why, he replied, "There's a kitten in the road and I knew you would kill me if I saw it and didn't stop."

"I guess the rescue ways are rubbing off on him," Lambert noted when she shared the first pictures of Tequila with her fans. The "Bluebird" singer estimated he was 4-5 weeks old, and he weighed just 14 ounces when they found him.

Tequila's the latest addition to a menagerie of pets that Lambert and McLoughlin keep at their rural estate outside of Nashville, which includes dogs, cats, rescue bunnies and a flock of chickens with country music-inspired names.

Lambert also runs a national animal rescue operation called MuttNation Foundation, which she and her mom, Bev Lambert, founded in 2009 to promote the adoption of shelter animals, assist with animal transport and help during times of natural disaster.

Tequila Will Be Living in Luxury at Miranda Lambert's Gorgeous Rural Estate:

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