Miranda Lambert made one young fan feel truly special when she invited her to sing a duet onstage in Kansas. The hitmaker likely didn't realize how life-changing the moment was for Remi, an 8-year-old from Kansas City.

Lambert was performing at the Intrust Bank Arena in Wichita, Kansas on Saturday (Oct. 26) when she paused during "All Kind of Kinds" and asked that the girl wearing a bow reading "you can't ride in my little red wagon" come to the stage.

"This little girl has stolen my heart all night long and I just want to meet her up close and personal," Lambert told the crowd.

After the adorable young fan made her way up, Lambert crouched down to sing a song that recognizes all different types of people in the world. Watch as Remi holds Lambert's hand and "Ever since the beginning / To keep the world spinning / It takes all kinds of kinds" together.

The moment brought Lambert to tears, and fans were cheering in support, waving their hands in the air until the end. Remi's mom, Chelsea Davenport, says it didn't end there.

“I’ve never had so much emotion in my life,” she tells Taste of Country. “We were walking to the back of the arena and every person in the front row put out their hands and slapped it as we went down.”

Remi, a second grader, was born with several medical problems that meant two weeks in the NICU before she was allowed to go home. Almost everything was treated, but nerve damage in her face led to a crooked smile, which at age eight can be an issue. So far family and friends at school have been supportive, but Davenport recognizes it's a very vulnerable age.

“It couldn’t have been a better moment for her to have confidence in herself that people aren’t just looking at that. And even if they are, they love it," Mom, a long time Lambert fan, shares, reflecting with wonder on how one of country's biggest stars picked her daughter out of a crowd.

What happened next really sealed the moment, however. In fact, it may have led to her daughter's future career in music.

Because of their emotions (and because of a three-hour drive home), mom and daughter left shortly after collecting themselves at the back of the arena, giving up the sweet spot in the pit they hustled for by arriving four hours before showtime. Just outside of Wichita, they stopped for food and got the celebrity treatment.

“There was a group of eight people and they just started screaming her name,” Chelsea shares. One person even asked for an autograph! Once back home, Remi told her dad she was ready for her first guitar, but insisted it come with new strings — a subtle nod to the song "New Strings," from Lambert's debut album Kerosene.

"Sometimes there is a face in the crowd that captivates you," Lambert writes alongside the video on Twitter. "Thanks for the tears, smiles & for being who you are. You inspired us all. I’ll never forget you."

Lambert continues on the Roadside Bars & Pink Guitars Tour through Nov. 23. Her new album, Wildcard, is set for release on Friday (Nov. 1).

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