Miranda Lambert looks quite content caged up during the majority of her new "Bluebird" music video, but one knows she's going to be set free or free herself by the end.

The same can be said for the actual bluebird — her co-star, if you'd like — in the just-released video. "Bluebird" is Lambert's current single from her Wildcard album. The ballad was inspired by a poem that songwriter Luke Dick recalled reading when he was younger.

Wildcard is Lambert's seventh studio album and was released in November 2019. The ACM Award-nominated album also inspired a tour of the same name that is set to continue in April; however, coronavirus concerns have threatened all concerts and live events scheduled in April.

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The Trey Fanjoy-directed music video for "Bluebird" recalls an era of flappers and the confident chanteuse, in this case played by a feathered and glittered Lambert. She casually tolerates her confinement in the gold bird cage as she sings her new song. A few others look on with sadness from their seats in the theater. A few shots of a bluebird in a cage elsewhere break up the action, but Lambert is the focus.

At the end both cages are empty, and one watches the bluebird flutter and then fly away before witnessing Lambert strutting away slowly. The camera pans up to reveal a dark alley somewhere in metropolitan America. The actual setting for the music video is never revealed.

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