Luke Combs is grappling with what his heart wants now, and what his brain knows will be good for him later in his new song "Tomorrow Me."

It's a relatable breakup song in which the protagonist can't seem to let go of an old flame. Despite knowing he will hate himself tomorrow if he spends tonight with his ex, he continues to answer her call. It's a cycle of unhealthy behavior he just can't quit.

"'Cause the tomorrow me ain't gonna like the way things go tonight / If I let you in to think that it'll be different this time / So maybe we should let yesterday be / 'Cause I got to live with tomorrow me," Combs sings in the chorus of the song he wrote with Dean Dillon and Ray Fulcher.

If the lyrics don't hit you with melancholy, the somber guitar line will. There's a feeling of hopelessness that lingers throughout the song, leading us to believe that once again our leading man will give into temptation and have to face the man in the mirror saying "I told you so."

Combs has a pretty good system when it comes to releasing new music. He teases the song nonchalantly on social media, asking fans what they think. Then, when he's whet their appetite, he drops the song in its entirety. It has become a pretty good litmus test as to which songs his fans will like. The only downside is that sometimes it will take more than a year before the official recording is released.

That's the case with "Tomorrow Me" — the "Hurricane" hitmaker first teased the unreleased song in 2020, before finally settling on a release date, this Friday, April 22. Since his last album came out in 2019, it's a safe bet he's been holding onto this one for his third studio album, which will arrive on June 24.

Aside from a release date, Combs hasn't revealed anything else about his upcoming studio project. It's expected he will tour the album after it arrives, and will be juggling his musical duties with a new role in his life: Fatherhood. The singer and wife Nicole are expecting their first child together this spring.

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