If you haven't noticed yet, Luke Bryan and his wife Caroline don't take life too seriously. The couple seem to really enjoy each other, and with all of this extra downtime at home during the coronavirus shutdown, they're surprisingly not sick of one another!

Or are they?

The Bryans have been in a heated prank war — something they're known for. Luke got Caroline last time, so it was time for her to get him back, and she did in a big way. Nope, she didn't go easy on him — it's all or nothing in their house, so when it came to prank her hubby, she went full throttle. Seems like Caroline might live by the Al Capone quote, "Somebody messes with me, I’m gonna mess with him," per her caption on Instagram.

With a hidden camera rolling, the couple's nephew, Til, hoists Caroline up into a kitchen cabinet above the refrigerator. Til then lets his uncle Luke know they need parmesan cheese for dinner and asks him to help him search for it in the kitchen fridge. But as Luke is digging for cheese, Caroline pops out of the cabinet above his head, causing him to jump, lunge and chuck his beer out of fear and surprise.

As you can probably guess, Caroline was beyond amused that she was able to scare him to that degree. Don't worry — though he was shaken, the superstar singer was a good sport about it. "I can’t take this abuse anymore," he jokes in the comments section of Caroline's post.

If you remember, Luke Bryan's last prank on his wife made her tumble off her bike into the grass, so he deserved the payback. Poor Caroline was just minding her own business, enjoying a bike ride and some fresh air when Luke rolled through from behind and pressed on a train horn to scare her. Out of shock, Caroline jerked her bike handles, lost control of her bike, and both she and her two-wheeled vehicle ended up flat on the ground.

Will the pranks end here? Or is the "One Margarita" singer already plotting his next move?

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