Kip Moore has jumped back into the recording studio to revisit and re-record a fresh version of his 2012 song, “Crazy One More Time." This reworked rendition will serve as his new single to country radio.

Sonically, the mid-tempo track doesn't stray far from the first recording. It's got the same anthemic production assisted by chest-thumping drum beats, electrifying guitar lines and tender piano keys, which substitutes the steel guitar from the original cut.

One thing that stands out almost a decade later? The confidence Moore exudes in his passionate vocal delivery.

“Come on out, take my hand / Feel my heart, girl understand I gotta thunder pounding in my chest / Hey yeah, can't see you as nothing but mine / And girl tonight, let's go crazy one more time,” the country star belts on the chorus with his signature raspy vocals.

"The idea for ‘Crazy One More Time’ came about after running into someone that I hadn’t seen in years and someone that I’d had a whole lot of history with,” Moore shares of the inspiration for the song, which he wrote with hit songwriters Aimee Mayo and Chris Lindsey. “The music came first, the guitar riff was something that I sat on for a couple of months.”

Most songs that Moore has written have come to him in dreams, and this was no different. “I’d had a dream about the song,” he adds, “and all of a sudden, the lyric was there, and I woke up with the lyric at two o’clock in the morning and wrote it all out.”

Having played it out on the road over the year, “Crazy One More Time” has grown to be both a longtime fan and industry favorite. It was originally featured on Moore’s debut album, Up All Night, which dropped close to ten years ago, on April 24, 2012. The 11-track record included the No. 1 smash hit "Somethin’ Bout a Truck," as well as its follow-up singles "Beer Money" and "Hey Pretty Girl."

“Crazy One More Time” is slated to go for adds on country radio on Jan. 24.

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