Josh Abbott didn't think he'd ever by a father. Heck, he didn't even think he'd fall in love again!

The singer tells Taste of Country that after his divorce he figured he was destined for a bachelor life forever, but he and fiancee Taylor started to fall in love last summer. "We took it really slow, which is great in a day and age where it's easy to speed up relationships," he says.

Fans of the Josh Abbott Band will find one song about Taylor on the just-released Until My Voice Goes Out album. It's called "I'm Your Only Flaw," and it's one of several personal songs on an album the group didn't intend to make personal, but life happened. There are no songs about baby Emery — she was just born in May.

"When she told me she was pregnant, it wasn't an 'Oh s--t' moment," he reveals. "I cried. I was like, 'This is amazing. We're in love, we're gonna have a baby. This is the way life is supposed to be, right?'"

Of course, the baby changes everything. Before her, the only way Abbott was seeing 5AM is if he stayed up late, but now he's racing Taylor to the nursery to see the baby girl when she wakes up.

"The first thing she does when you unwrap her from the swaddle and you pick her up is she smiles," he says with an enthusiasm only a new parent can recognize. "What a way to start your day!"

The baby's birth is the latest in a series of ups and downs in the singer's personal life. Two months before her arrival his father died, leading to another personal moment on the album, albeit one with a twist.

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