Jason Aldean and his wife, Brittany, recently took a pretty incredible family beach vacation, and she let fans share in the fun times via a long series of pictures she posted to social media.

The Aldeans and their two kids — son Memphis and daughter Navy Rome — recently spent some time in the Turks and Caicos Islands, one of the world's most exclusive and beautiful beach destinations, and Brittany Aldean posted quite a few staggering pictures that, as spectacular as they are, she says still don't capture the natural splendor of the place.

Brittany first posted on April 23, sharing a picture of herself and her superstar husband relaxing together in a hammock on a beach of pristine white sand, with the startlingly blue ocean stretching to the horizon.

"Our new home away from home," she captions the picture.

She went on to post a number of pictures of the vacation in paradise, including some adorable shots of their kids.

Aldean also posted a few video clips, including one in which she sweeps the horizon and lets her Instagram followers hear the unspoiled sound of the water lapping the shore.

"As beautiful as it is, it doesn’t do it justice," she writes.

Other posts include some romantic shots, a hilarious video of Aldean talking on his "shell phone," a trip to a famous shipwreck and more:

The Aldeans are no strangers to luxurious beach vacations. In 2020, they sold their beach house on Saint George Island, right along the Gulf of Mexico, for $2.375 million. They turned right around and purchased another beach house in Santa Rosa, Fla., that sits right on the Gulf of Mexico, paying $4.1 million for a 5-bedroom, 5-bathroom, 4,452-square-foot beach house.

The couple have also let fans see into their dream home outside of Nashville, sharing pictures of a vast modern mansion that looks like a luxury resort, featuring its own bowling alley and a pool area that looks like it belongs at a water park. The price tag for that house is not a matter of public record, but Brittany confirms to Taste of Country that the total square footage is more than 20,000 square feet.

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