Jana Kramer and her husband, Michael Caussin, separated in 2016 amid a storm of publicity, but in a candid new interview, the country singer and actor reveals that they are "actively working on" their marriage.

Kramer met Caussin, a former NFL tight end who played for the Buffalo Bills and Washington Redskins, on Twitter in 2014 and married him in 2015. The couple welcomed a daughter, Jolie Rae, on Jan. 31, 2016. They separated in August of 2016 amid rampant tabloid reports of Caussin’s infidelity, but never filed for divorce. Kramer has still been wearing her wedding ring in public, and she's never directly addressed the split.

Until now. During an appearance on Mouthing Off With Olivia, a podcast featuring former The Bachelor contestant Olivia Caridi, Kramer confirmed that she and Caussin are still married and that they are living together.

"I haven’t made a statement because it’s like, I’m just focusing on our family and trying to figure it out," Kramer states, adding, "It’s day-by-day. So, we’re not divorced. He’s not my estranged husband. He’s very much in my life. He is my husband. Legally, he is my husband. I have a ring on my finger. We’re actively working on it."

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Kramer admits that it hasn't been easy.

"It’s hard. Every day. Some days I’m like, "I can’t do this. I physically can’t do this.' Other days, I’m like, 'No, fight for it. It’s for our family," Kramer says. "He’s working really hard and we both love our little girl. At the end of the day, no matter what, we’ll be amazing parents to our daughter."

Kramer says she and Caussin have been attending counseling. "I’ve learned so much about myself in the process ... either way, we’ll come out healthier," she reflects.

She adds that she only decided to stay and fight for the marriage because she sees the effort Caussin is making to be the "better version of himself and to be a better man and to be very present."

"We all have our moments where we question that and have hard times," she admits. "But he’s working extremely hard and he’s so good with Jolie. He’s an incredible dad. And I see that, and I recognize that and, again, I know how hard he’s working at becoming this better version of himself, but it’s still hard. Trust is a hard thing, when it’s broke, to get back."

Fans have been speculating about the state of Kramer's marriage since she and Caussin were spotted at an L.A. Dodgers game in May of 2017. She turned to social media on Father’s Day to share a picture of Jolie on Caussin's shoulders and wish her husband a happy Father's Day, and most recently she shared a picture of the smiling family taking their dog for a walk in the park.

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