I've known Cody Johnson for a long time and I don't believe that any performer could love their fans more than he does. Johnson supplied the extra wattage during a concert a few nights ago to prove it.

Johnson always brings a lot of electrified energy to the stage during every performance. He has always remained true to his country roots, never selling out what he believes. It took years for him to accept a big label deal because he demanded that he maintain control of his music and stay true to his fans. Well, he found the right fit and is now up there on that national platform, doing incredibly well and touring all over the country.

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That being said, Johnson was performing to a sold-out crowd this past Saturday (January 29th) in Pikeville, Kentucky. Easton Corbin had opened the show, and as Johnson was about to take the stage, a transformer blew in downtown Pikeville. The power went out in many areas of the city and at the arena.

A lot of performers might say, 'well, that's that, the show's over,' but not Cody Johnson! He was determined to find a way not to disappoint his fans:

Cody Johnson fan Michael E. tells Saving Country Music “Power was lost to the entire area but that didn’t stop Cody. He plugged his PA into his tour bus and played the first half of his show acoustically to a sold out crowd! It was incredible. And when the power came back on, he finished his set playing just as passionately as he always has. It was a very special night for him and for us, the fans.”

It's this kind of passion to make his music and please his fans that's put him on the national stage today. Not only is Johnson performing for the 4th consecutive year at Rodeo Houston, but he's been chosen to be this year's grand marshal at the parade in downtown Houston. That's a big honor and he deserves it.

Keep it up, Cody -- you're awesome!

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