Dustin Lynch has shared a new track off of his upcoming album, Current MoodReaders can press play above to hear "Why We Call Each Other."

Lynch co-wrote "Why We Call Each Other" with Lee Miller and Ross Copperman. True to the album's title, Lynch makes no effort to try to hide his "current mood" in this new track; it's all about a late-night, covert love affair. In short, there's only one reason the couple in the song calls each other -- and it's clear that reason isn't G-rated.

"This is about the go-to person you send the 'are you up?' text at 1AM," Lynch tells Rolling Stone Country. "A lot of folks can relate to that."

Based on what Lynch has revealed about Current Mood, "Why We Call Each Other" fits into the themes of the album extremely well. The entire project is about where Lynch is finding himself in life at the moment: As more and more friends are getting married and settling down, he's still living the high life as a bachelor out on the road.

"'Cause we love how the fire feels / No strings, 'cause it isn't real / And you love the way I love the way you kiss / And we never wanna hold it on / It's just the right shade of wrong / But we know heaven's at our fingertips," Lynch sings during the chorus of "Why We Call Each Other." "That's why we call each other / In the middle of the middle of the night / We're so good undercovers / That's why we call each other."

Since Current Mood's subject matter strays pretty far from songs about true love and romance, Lynch has admitted to having some nerves about releasing the project: “I’m going to be very anxious to see the comments, because it is a different and a new chapter for me,” Lynch tells The Boot.

“But also, I’ll be really interested to see what songs people gravitate towards, and what songs people react to," he adds. "I know there’s going to be some folks that are like, ‘This is horses–t. This is not George Strait.'”

Current Mood is available for pre-order on Amazon and iTunes.

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