Darius Rucker’s new music video for his latest single, "My Masterpiece," immediately creates a romantic mood with the sound of waves crashing on the shore and low-key vocals. The black-and-white treatment sets the scene for a timeless love story.

As the instruments come in, a woman adrift at sea starts to float toward a private shore. With perfect timing, a handsome lifesaver comes along and walks into the water to pull her boat and her heart to safety. Viewers watch the two lovers embrace and enjoy the tropical paradise with tender intimacy.

Rucker also appears on a beach with a ship-wrecked piano and walking along the sand in worn-in cowboy boots. The trademark smile that you can hear in his voice throughout the upbeat love song will make viewers smile right along as they watch.

The images in the lyrics of the song compare a relationship to art and reveal that the greatest thing one can create is love. The video serves those themes with equal beauty.

“The song is about a guy who really just wants to be known for the tremendous amount of love he has for this woman, and I think that’s beautiful,” shares Rucker in a press release.

As a beautiful conclusion, the couple let their getaway rowboat float away, finding ultimate happiness in each other’s arms.

Rucker teamed with Ross Copperman, Josh Osborne and J.T. Harding to write "My Masterpiece," which follows Rucker’s latest No. 1 hit, “Beers and Sunshine.” The Grammy winner has a total of 10 No. 1 hits under his belt as a solo artist, so far.

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