Craig Morgan has no shortage of captivating life stories: From his career as a country star and Grand Ole Opry member, to his time as a military service member, to his recent stint on survival reality TV show Beyond the Edge, Morgan's life has been replete with adventure, and he's sharing those stories — many for the first time — in his upcoming new memoir, God, Family, Country.

Ahead of the book's late September release, he sat down with ABC correspondent Will Reeve in Nashville's Ryman Auditorium for a Good Morning America segment, in which he shares a preview into what readers can expect when they pick up a copy of his book.

In the clip, the singer recounts several formative experiences, including how becoming a member of the Grand Ole Opry solidified his place in the country music business, but one of his most emotional memories comes from a powerful fan interaction. Morgan remembers how during one show, he met a fan who had been a military service member, and had a change of heart about a suicide attempt after hearing Morgan's song "Almost Home."

"He said, 'I just wanted you to know, your music changed my life,'" Morgan relays, tears in his eyes. "He said, 'I had a pistol in my mouth and I was just about to pull the trigger, and the song 'Almost Home' came on the radio.'"

Morgan put out "Almost Home" in 2002, and it was his first Top 10 hit on country radio. A vivid story song about a narrator's memorable encounter with a homeless man, the song displayed Morgan's power as an emotional, heartstring-tugging songwriter — a talent he'd continue to show with songs like his grassroots 2019 hit "The Father, My Son and the Holy Ghost."

The song also comforted this listener during a difficult time, and convinced him not to end his life. "He said, 'I thought, I'm not gonna do this,'" Morgan continues. "And we both cried, and I hugged him."

The country star's new memoir comes out Sept. 27. The following month, he'll mount a book tour to support the project.

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