Cole Swindell treated one young fan to a birthday he'll surely never forget. At a recent concert, Swindell turned to the crowd and brought up a young boy who was celebrating his 13th birthday. The young man was Grayson Zreman, who happened to share a birthday with Swindell's guitar player.

After introducing his audience to Grayson, Swindell urged the audience to sing along in unison as they wished both birthday boys the very best. "Before we do our last song, do y'all mind singing 'Happy Birthday' to these two guys?" Swindell asked. "Y'all ready? On three, let's give him one happy birthday."

Dressed to the nines in jeans and a suit blazer, Grayson could be seen beaming as the crowd sang him "Happy Birthday."

There's a touching story behind the celebration, as the young man has been suffering through a tough battle to overcome cancer for years. In a series of YouTube videos, he explains the difficult road he has been on with two cancer diagnosis.

As Grayson recalls, one day—Valentine's Day 2012—he looked in the bathroom mirror and noticed a golf ball-sized lump in his neck. At the time, he was diagnosed with Stage 2 classical Hodgkin’s lymphoma. He went through chemotherapy and 17 rounds of radiation before he was told he was cancer-free.

However, he had been in remission for only nine months when he got pneumonia and then was told that his cancer came back. Since one of tumors was chemo-resistant, he had it removed and later received a stem cell transplant and 22 more rounds of radiation.

According to his YouTube videos, Grayson now seems in the clear. In each video, it is his positive outlook through all of his health struggles that is most inspiring. For more on his journey, watch the video below.

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