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The Water Utilities Department for the City of San Angelo will adjust how the public water supply is disinfected in the month of June.

According to a city press release, the Water Utilities Department will change from a mix of ammonia and chlorine to use only chlorine.

The Water Utilities Department normally uses chloramine, a mix of ammonia and chlorine, to disinfect water. In June, the department will use only chlorine, also known as “free chlorine.” The yearly temporary conversion from chloramines to free chlorine – a common practice for municipal water systems – ensures water safety in pipelines by ridding mains of residual microscopic organic particles. That yields the highest quality of drinking water.

The city also says residents could see more fire hydrant flushing in the month of June.

Free chlorine is a stronger disinfectant than chloramine. Water users may note a slight change in the smell, taste and appearance of their water that should subside after a couple of weeks. This may include a chlorine odor and slight discoloration. The water is still safe for normal usage during this time.

The process will start on Tuesday, June 1st and is expected to last approximately 4 weeks. More information and a Frequently Asked Questions section is also available at the official City of San Angelo web site.

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