Carrie Underwood admits she was filled with anxiety as her son Isaiah played his first baseball game this week. The singer and mother of two boys compared it to watching husband Mike Fisher play hockey.

"I got more nervous watching him than I used to get when I watched his daddy play hockey!" she writes alongside two pictures and one video shared on Instagram.

That's 6-year-old Isiah with his last name on the back of his jersey. He's No. 10, if you're keeping score at home. When he played for the Ottawa Senators and Nashville Predators, Mike Fisher was No. 12.

So, how'd did Izzy do? Swipe twice to see for yourself:

No. 10 hit a solid single to the left side of the infield, finishing his spring down the first base line with a little hop on the bag. In the comments section, fans admired how Underwood was able to do normal mom things and not be treated like a celebrity at these events. One even said that her husband was on the field helping the team out.

These photos serve as a reminder of Underwood's order of priorities at this point in her life and career. She shared the content on Thursday night (Sept. 9), hours after being named one of five Entertainer of the Year nominees for the 2021 CMA Awards. Thus far there's been no response or acknowledgment of the honor on Instagram or Twitter. Her professional focus is instead on a new music video with Jason Aldean, and the debut of her latest Sunday Night Football theme song video.

The newest version of "Waiting All Day for Sunday Night" will debut on NBC this Sunday (Sept. 12).

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