On Sunday (March 17), Carly Pearce headed to her Instagram page to express her gratitude over a career that has her not only traveling the world, but one that also allows her to do some of that trek alongside her love Michael Ray.

“Heading back to the US with a full heart,” she wrote, following her recent stint touring overseas. “I love getting to travel the world doing what I love with the person I love. Thanks for being so good to us.”

Indeed, as Pearce’s star gets brighter, her crowds also get bigger. And increasingly so, those crowds are filled with a number of young women that see the Kentucky native as a role model for their own lives.

“I always want to be an artist that young fans can come see, and not worry they are going to hear cuss words or anything like that while I am up there on stage,” Pearce tells Taste of Country in a recent interview. “Or at least I will try not to cuss," she laughs. "I do my best."

All joking aside, Pearce takes her role-model status very seriously. "There is nothing like the feeling I get when I meet young girls who say they want to grow up to be like me," she says. "I hope to uplift them like that for a long time.”

Having recently released the music video for her current single “Closer to You,” Pearce will head back out on the road starting in May as part of Jason Aldean’s 2019 Ride All Night Tour alongside fellow country artist Kane Brown. The tour will have the three, along with Dee Jay Silver, visiting more than 30 cities across the nation this summer.

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