Carrie Underwood has a rapidly growing household these days. As all fans know, her second son, Jacob, was born in January (joining big brother Isaiah, who's 4). Now, a new member of the family has just arrived!

This particular member, however, has four legs and is considerably hairier than young Jacob. It's "Bojangles," a black-and-white paint horse who apparently will be a special buddy to Underwood's husband, retired NHL star Mike Fisher.

"Every cowboy needs a horse ... and a hat," Underwood posted on social media, showing a few photos of Fisher and Bojangles hanging out in the fields (as well as a closeup shot of Fisher voguing for the camera in a black cowboy hat). "I'm still working with him on the Southern accent," the Oklahoma native quipped of her Canadian spouse.

Fisher himself posted an update to his own social accounts, noting happily, "Ever since I was a kid I've always wanted horses. Today I got my first!"

Bojangles may not wear a black cowboy hat, as Fisher does in the photos, but he matches his new best friend picture-perfectly with a striking solid-black head, mane, and neck. Many fans commented on the horse's beautiful and unique coloring (as well as throwing in a few comments about how Fisher looks pretty good in cowboy gear, too!).

Underwood may enjoy some horseback riding in the near future, now that Bojangles is here and the weather is turning toward spring. The singer just recently posted a photo discussing her struggles "bouncing back" physically after her second baby, and pledging not to be too hard on herself as she makes her journey back to getting in shape. Getting outside and having fun with her family and new pet sounds like a perfect prescription!

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