Ashley McBryde and Abby Anderson are currently on the road supporting their respective solo projects. However, during a recent stop in Ohio, the two singers proved that they're a remarkable duo. While visiting the Tangier in Akron for a radio-station concert, the ladies shared the stage and treated the audience to an impromptu duet of "Stand By Me."

The nearly three-minute performance had McBryde center stage at the microphone while she began playing the classic song on acoustic guitar. Seated behind her was Anderson, who accompanied on keyboards and provided additional harmony.

Liking what she heard, McBryde told Anderson to take the chorus, and then gave her the nod to sing the next verse.

Anderson's soulful vocals shined and her energy proved contagious as she had the entire venue clapping along. McBryde, meanwhile, urged her to "keep going" as the two singers finished the song together.

A fan in attendance explained that McBryde and Anderson "played on stage together but separately" during their set on Sept. 26 in Ohio.

"This song that they played together was unrehearsed and picked out by the two of them on the spot," Micaela Minner captions the clip on YouTube. "As they were singing this song together, and as I was trying to film, I looked around the room and there wasn’t one person NOT smiling."

The impressive duet kept the audience attentive and laughing along as each taught the other how to do a fade out at the song's end.

Anderson is currently on the road with Brett Eldredge as part of his The Long Way Tour and McBryde is headlining her Girl Going Nowhere Tour—but after this performance it's obvious the two should hit the road together next!

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