Abby Anderson is grateful for love in her new single, "Good Lord." Readers can press play above to hear the new song, inspired, she says, by her boyfriend of a year.

Anderson co-wrote the bubbly "Good Lord" with Josh Kerr and Jordan Minton. "I think the good Lord took his sweet time on your dark hair and your brown eyes / Was I heavy on his mind when he made your Georgia smile? ... I thank the good Lord I got a good man," Anderson sings in the chorus of the song, which will go to country radio on April 15.

“I feel like I learned what love is this year,” Anderson tells People of her relationship with her boyfriend (whose identity she's keeping under wraps for the time being) from Georgia. “This love is peaceful and it feels like home. I can be myself with him. I don’t have to be some extra version of myself. It’s refreshing just to be me with him.”

"Good Lord" came from a songwriting session on Anderson's tour bus, while she was in Washington, DC, at the end of 2018. She told Kerr and Minton she wanted to sing about her boyfriend, and tossed out the chorus' final line, then left for soundcheck. "By the time I got back from soundcheck, they had already finished the entire chorus.”

Anderson may not want to reveal too much about her boyfriend just yet, but she admits that all of those little details in "Good Lord" are true. “Like, the line about the yellow Post-its is totally real. Whenever I need to leave or something, we leave little Post-its on the fridge," she shares. "Those little notes can make for some fun lyrics.”

Anderson dropped her debut EP, I'm Good, in 2018. "Good Lord" is the first taste of forthcoming new music from the singer-songwriter, who will be opening for pop-rock artist Rob Thomas on his 2019 Chip Tooth Smile Tour this summer.

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