This became a debate with friends of mine since I moved to San Angelo a couple weeks ago. We had a geographical discussion on where do you consider West Texas to be. Here are few regions we went back and forth with as to where is West Texas.


My friends in the Metroplex had a problem calling this West Texas. They said it isn't far enough west to be considered West Texas. I think most of us out this way feel this is where the West Texas region starts, but those who aren't out here don't have the same opinion.

Midland/Odessa and Lubbock

Now these places are all universally considered West Texas. I've heard some people think maybe you can include Amarillo in there, but come on -- that's the Panhandle. You need to look at a map if you think that.

West of I-35

There are some of my friends who think there's an actual dividing line that separates the state and they think I-35 is the divider. That puts the Hill Country in West Texas, and that ain't right.

West of Highway 281

Ok, now maybe this might be a better dividing line for the state. This highway actually runs through the Hill Country (and it's a beautiful drive if you've ever travelled this highway). I can kinda get on board with this one. I-35 is just too far east to me to be the dividing line of the state.

San Angelo

I've heard people who live to the west of San Angelo say that Angelo is not west enough to be considered West Texas. It's farther west than Abilene. It's farther west than I-35 and Highway 281. So how far west do we have to go people?

El Paso

Here we go. This has got to be west enough, right? Although to me, El Paso is its own entity. It's on its own way out there. Our GM here at Townsquare San Angelo says we should give it to New Mexico. It's like an island out there. If you want to call it West Texas, you might as well call Hawaii the West Coast of the United States.

So there you have it. We're still arguing about this. Join the argument! Where is West Texas to you?

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