Cooper's BBQ Live has given us an awesome lineup of bands so far in their 2021 Concert Series and they are continuing to add more shows for you to look forward to.

It's once again time to get you up to date with how the schedule looks now. Check it out below.

Cooper's just brought you a great tribute to Selena Fri, Aug 27th. Hope you got to see it.

Now get ready for another Tribute, this time to Prince....

Sat, Sep 11th........"Purple Piano" Marshall Charloff -- A Tribute to Prince

Fri, Sep 24th.........Kyle Nix

Sat, Oct 2nd.........Jon Wolfe

Fri, Oct 8th...........NELLY

Fri, Oct 15th.........Mark Chesnutt

Sat, Oct 16th........Pecos & The Rooftops

Fri, Oct 29th.........Mike Ryan

Sat, Nov 6th.........The Highwaymen Tribute

Sat, Nov 27th.......Kolby Cooper

This is fantastic!! Cooper's continues to add even more shows to their 2021 Concert Series and we will continue to have guest list to get you in free.

Cooper's BBQ Live is just a short drive from San Angelo to their venue in Christoval. You will certainly find plenty of entertainment in addition to the live music. They have fun games to play like corn hole, basketball, GaGa Ball Pit, giant Checkers, Jenga, 4-Square, tether ball, hula hoops, frisbee and more.

Cooper's has always had a great reputation for their famous BBQ. Be sure to try some of it. It's delicious!!

For more information and to purchase tickets, click on, follow them on Facebook or call Cooper's at 325-255-2222.

For an extra twenty dollars fill up your cooler with all of your favorite beverages. Everyone is invited to take lawn chairs and blankets to add to your comfort.

Cooper's BBQ Live Concert Series 2021 continues and everyone is encouraged to join in on the fun! Cooper's has a saying....Come for the meat...Stay for the beat!!

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