I wanted to try a little experiment on my commute to work this morning. I've been hitting a lot of red lights on the streets around town and I'm beginning to think there aren't any traffic signal timing controllers in town.

I know there are other routes to go for me to avoid traffic lights, but today I decided to take the main road on my short 1.5 mile commute. Now a commute that short is nothing to complain about, but I wanted to see how many red lights I would hit.

As it turned out, I got stopped by a red light at EVERY traffic light. Here's how my trip went..

My trip starts downtown heading west from downtown on Concho Ave. The first traffic light I hit is S. Irving St. And wouldn't you know it, I hit a red light.

Chris Austin, Townsquare Media

The next light on my short journey is Koenighheim. I get it, it's a busy street so I figured I would hit a red light here and I did.

Chris Austin, Townsquare Media

Then of course we all know Abe is across the 'median' from Koenigheim. Since you're only going maybe a few hundred feet you think these lights would be synced up to be green if you're going straight or turning left, but nope. So there's another red light.

Chris Austin, Townsquare Media

Now I'm southbound on Abe toward work only one more light to get before I hit my destination. Will I get a green light? The answer is no. Washington is the next major intersection and here is my red light.

Chris Austin, Townsquare Media

So I had four lights on my brief trip to work and I hit red on all of them! Come on man, what's with that?

Again the commute I have right now is not like some commutes in major Texas cities like Houston, Dallas or Austin, but can we do something about this? And I'm sure I'm not the only one hitting red light after red light on the streets of Angelo.

What do you think? Do we need to fix this or is it something we really shouldn't complain about since we're just a small town. Let us know!

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