If you've never been through an El Paso summer you are probably wondering what the heck happened to the triple-digit heat that we have been suffering through for the past few weeks. Well, this is what is known as the monsoon season. Actually, whenever we get a patch of a few days of rain in El Paso we love to call it monsoonal weather, but really, it's just a weird thing that happens in the desert when Mother Nature decides to remember to give us a little water from the sky.

Turns out that some parts of town got almost two inches of rain on Sunday into Monday and we are forecast to have rain chances all week. Two inches of rain is a huge amount of rain for El Paso and it might not happen again for months and months, so enjoy the cool, wet weather while it lasts. The good thing about all this rain is that we won't have to water or turn on our AC for a few days. The bad news can be seen in this video from FitFam.

Because we live in the desert, the ground can be as hard as concrete and just as absorbent which is why we get sudden flooding. We also get sudden flooding because no matter how much we pay in stormwater fees, El Paso really isn't ever going to be ready for a lot of rain. We flood, so if you need sand bags, click here to find out where you can get them.

And remember, we don't know how to drive in this weather, so make sure you give yourself plenty of time to get where you're going and turn your lights on if you can't see the sun. And keep taking lots of video of the craziness that happens when we get a little rain in the 915.

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