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I’ve only been back in San Angelo for about 4 weeks and I’ve noticed this town is obsessed with McDonald’s.

I’m not a big fan of McDonald’s, but sometimes after work I want a quick bite and it’s good to know the Mickey D’s drive thru is there.

Well in my short time back here in Angelo, I’m finding that bite isn’t so quick because it seems the drive thru's here are always packed.

Case in point, look at the line at the McDonald’s on Southwest Blvd here in San Angelo from the other day.

Chris Austin, Townsquare Media
Chris Austin, Townsquare Media

The drive thru line extends all the way around the building. And this is not the only time I've seen the Mickey D's drive thru this crowded. It seems everyday after work, the lines are long. I've driven by the McDonald's on North Bryant as well and have seen the same long lines.

So I have to ask you San Angelo. What is your obsession with McDonald's? We certainly have better food options in Angelo, but why does everyone have to go there every day? Are the fries really that good? Are you addicted to Big Mac's? Maybe it's that new BTS meal or something.

What can be done to release Ray Kroc's grip on this town? Maybe that new Texas Burger on Knickerbocker can alleviate this problem. Help me help you San Angelo so I can get my Mickey D's in a reasonable time.

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