Taco Bell planned a take home taco bar home kit way before the corona virus pandemic hit. Originally the kit was for a Cinco De Mayo home party for friends and family. With so many take out places offering take home kits, Taco Bell’s kit fits right in with the times.

Taco Bell

For a limited time the kit is sold for $25 which can be delivered or picked up at the drive-thru.  The complete meal kit includes 12 shells and 8 tortillas, nacho chips, seasoned beef, beans, lettuce, cheese, diced tomatoes, nacho cheese sauce and reduced fat sour cream. The kit also includes your choice of sauce packets.

While margaritas are not a part of the kit Taco Bell is also offering recipe cards from their test kitchen. You can make Taco Bell cocktails and mocktails, like the Taco Bell Strawberry Freeze Tequila Sunrise. The recipe cards will be available in store or online after May 3.