You told us you wanted to know how this street got it name. Here's the answer!

TSM San Angelo
TSM San Angelo

Yes, it's Twohig!

According to the Tom Green County Chronicles of our Heritage, published by the Tom Green County Historical Preservation League, this street is named for John Twohig.

John was born in Cork, Ireland. He later settled in San Antonio and went on to become a distinguished merchant and banker. He also played an important role in the Texas Revolution and helped with breadlines for the needy.

As far as we could determine, he never lived in San Angelo but in John's case, "it's who you know".

John just happened to be a close friend and associate of Bartholomew, (Bart for short), Dewitt, the founder of San Angelo.  Bart, thought so much of their friendship that he decided to name this street for him.

That my friends, is the reason, to this very day that we have a street named "Twohig".

Special "Thanks", to Kevin Blinn, of the Tom Green County Library, along with, Brittany Wollman, Library Assistant, from the Porter Henderson Library at A.S.U. for their help in solving this mystery.


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