Wednesday afternoon, the Abilene Police Department’s Street Crimes Division arrested 32-year-old Pete “Oso” Frank Estrada, the shooting suspect wanted in connection with the Aggravated Robbery on Avenue O in late November.

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Estrada is accused of shooting a 31-year-old man around 9:30 p.m. on November 30th and fleeing in the victim’s truck.

Following the shooting, Detectives sent out a regional message to law enforcement to be on alert for the stolen truck, along with a description of the armed suspect whom they believed was Estrada.  Soon after, the Abilene Police Department responded with corroborating information and offered to help.

On December 2, Justice of the Peace Judge Eddie Howard issued an Arrest Warrant for Estrada for the charge of Aggravated Robbery.  In addition to the publication of the warrant, Crime Stoppers San Angelo released a bulletin offering a reward for information leading to Estrada’s arrest.

Throughout the Investigation, the San Angelo Police Department and the Abilene Police Street Crimes Division have worked closely to develop leads and follow up on San Angelo and Abilene Crime Stoppers tips — which ultimately led to Estrada’s capture.

Estrada is currently in awaiting extradition to San Angelo.

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