The Saharan dust cloud that's heading towards Texas could cause COVID-19 like symptoms.

According to meteorologists, the cloud arrives every year between mid-Jun to mid-August, and it can affect your breathing.

The cloud forms in Africa and makes its way across the Atlantic, and this year it's thicker and larger than usual.

Dr. Gregory Newman with Baylor Scott & White tells our partners at News 10, “It is a fine particle and can get into the lungs, kinda past our normal lung defenses.”

Dr. Newman also says anyone that already has lung issues could possibly start feeling the effects over the weekend.  He suggests staying inside as much as possible.

There is a way to tell the difference between the dust and having COVID-19, according to the Dr. “If you go outside, and you notice that all of a sudden your symptoms increase, then that’s going to be more than likely the dust,”.

Changing out your air filter at home could help with symptoms, and the mask a lot of people are already wearing can help too.

If you have respiratory issues this weekend, it could be the dust.  Stay safe and stay inside this weekend if at all possible.

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