From patriotic anthems to Springsteen-inspired celebrations of life and freedom to odes to the little things that make life great, country stars had plenty of new tunes to share this week. Read on to find your new favorite jam! 

Randy Rogers Band, "Comal County Line":

"Comal County Line" is an upbeat, dance-ready number by the Randy Rogers Band that takes a look at the passage of time. In the catchy new track, Rogers sings about what the people from town have been up to. "Sarah's getting married / Swearing that she's ready / But Mom and Daddy ain't so sure," he sings. "Ricky's at the courthouse / Filing for divorce now / No one stays in love anymore / Another friend of mine / Told me Junior's doin' time / Everybody knew that he'd get caught.” While everyone else is caught up going through the motions of life, Rogers longs to head back to the known comforts of his hometown, “I'm driving all night / Just a few more miles to the Comal County line / Comal County line.” -- CC

Aaron Lewis, "God and Guns":

Aaron Lewis has shared an American anthem of his own in his latest song release. In “God and Guns,” Lewis plainly states that he doesn't buy into what he sees from the "talkin' heads on TV" and talks about the "do unto others as you'd be done to" attitude that he learned growing up. Throughout the chorus, Lewis defends what he believes in and challenges anyone to try and change his mind. “So you can say what you want to 'bout the things I hold true / And the fabric that makes up this red, white, and blue," he sings. "Cause I'll fight for my country 'til the day that I'm done / And I've still got my God and I've still got my gun.” --CC

Rachel Wammack, "Enough": 

Rachel Wammack is done sweating the small stuff in her dreamy new song, “Enough.” Instead of focusing on what could be, or what she could have, Wammack focuses on what is truly important: Love. "In a world where we get tangled in a web of social media comparisons, materialistic goals and fame-driven mindsets, I wanted to take a step back and capture what is really important to me,” said Wammack in a press release. "That’s my family, that’s my brand new fiancé Noah…it’s the people who fill our cup and encourage us in the moments when we need it the most.” "Enough" was penned by Wammack alongside Laura Veltz and Sam Ellis. --CC

Cale Dodds, "I Like Where This is Going":

Cale Dodds' latest release, "I Like Where This is Going," is a bubbly and upbeat testament to the early days of a relationship when every moment feels exciting. "'I Like Where This is Going' is about anticipation," Dodds shares in a press release. "It's the feeling of suspense, like the last song at prom before the lights come up, or the moment before dropping a girl off after a first date, not knowing what's gonna happen next. There's a beauty in the uncertainty of what's going to happen, while having faith that it's going to unfold in the right way." Co-written with producer busbee and Nicolle Galyon, the track marks the the beginning of the next chapter of Dodds' career in country music. -- CL

Pony Bradshaw, "Van Gogh": 

Ahead of releasing his debut album, Sudden Opera, Pony Bradshaw is sharing another new song with listeners. In a press release, Bradshaw explained "Van Gogh" as "part dream, part fiction." Throughout the bemoaning song, Bradshaw creates vivid images and enacts clever plays on words. Sudden Opera is set for release via Rounder Records on June 21. -- CC

Hailey Whitters, "These Days":

Hailey Whitters' new single off of her upcoming album, The Dream, is about coming to grips with missing out and not being able to get the important moments back once they're gone. In the song, Whitters sings about the tough choice she made when choosing to chase her dreams instead of staying close by to her friends and family.

“I've often wrestled with the feeling of missing out... birthdays, holidays, coffee on the porch with mom, skeet shooting on Sundays with Dad, getting older with siblings, watching my high school friends raise their babies,” explains Whitters in a press release . “ I know I'm where I'm supposed to be right now, but it's something I've had to come to terms with by being here in Nashville. No matter the distance your dreams may take you, this song is about showing up and being present as much as possible for both the people and moments that bring your life so much joy." The Dream is set for release later this year. --CC

Kiefer Sutherland, "Something You Love":

Kiefer Sutherland has shared his anthemic new "Something You Love," the latest track to be shared off of the country singer's forthcoming new album, Reckless & Me. Springsteen-esque and hard-charging, the track celebrates the men and women work hard but find themselves crushed by the corporate machine anyway. "Has it happened to a lot of people I care about? Yes, of course it has," Sutherland muses in a press release.

The song's lyrics impress upon listeners that they're alive to do more than just pay bills and run errands, and that they should be sure to spend some time doing, as the song says, "something they love." Sutherland co-wrote "Something You Love" with Jude Cole. -- CL

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