After an alcohol-fueled argument, a Tulsa, Okla. woman tried to bite off her sleeping boyfriend's penis.

According to police, Amber Ellis was booked into Tulsa County Jail after her boyfriend woke up to her trying to bite his penis off.

To add insult to injury, in the middle of trying to bite off her man's junk, Ellis grabbed a laptop and smashed it over his head.

The incident stemmed from a post-drinking argument (shocking!) where the man claimed Ellis had become too needy. Most would say that what's really needed is for Ellis to get some serious psychological help.

Ellis was charged with maiming and assault with a dangerous weapon. Meanwhile, the boyfriend (whose name was not revealed) received several stitches to the base of his penis and was treated for other injuries suffered during the fight.

Let's be clear: there is never a good reason to dismember your significant other. Ladies, be good to your guys. And guys, do the same.

[via KJRH]

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