Any boss looking to develop employee loyalty should pay attention to this.

Barnett Management, the team that runs two dozen Burger Kings in Arizona recently received the company Franchisee of the Year award. What it did next was pretty surprising.

Company head Tom Barnett, along with other franchisees, elected to sell the Corvette and Rolex watch they won and give the money to employees in the restaurants as a thank-you for all their hard work.

That adds up to a total of $120,000 in gifts. Some received a few hundred and some got as much as $5,000. That's quite a few Whoppers, wouldn't you say?

One franchisee said splitting up the prize was a no-brainer, noting, "The award needed to go to the people who got us here. It was the right thing to do."

One employee said she was blown away by the generosity. "It was almost an entire month's worth of pay for me," she said. They made us all feel appreciated."

Kind of puts it all into perspective, right? Keep this in mind the next time your boss puts the kibosh on letting you wear sneakers to the office on Fridays.

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