Mitchell Tenpenny admits he was surprised no one had written "Alcohol You Later" before he got to it for his new Telling All My Secrets album.

The rhythmic, pop-country track is a drunk dialer's anthem. It's "Need You Now" if Lady Antebellum had been listening to a lot of Moby prior to cutting their 2009 crossover smash. The Nashville-born and raised Tenpenny sings of knowing a relationship isn't truly over if the booze keeps flowing, and he plans to let his bartender keep pouring. A steady, but not quite pounding beat aids the repetitive nature of this love cycle.

The title is a play on words, and he's right; it's shocking no one had previously realized "Alcohol" and "I'll call" sound close enough to swap for a drunken love song. Tenpenny's task was making sure the result wasn't too corny, something only fans could tell him with any candor. Worry not, "Alcohol You Later" is a crowd favorite, the "Drunk Me" hitmaker says. There are even koozies!

Did You Know?: Tenpenny had a hard time finding people to write "Alcohol You Later" with. He pitched it three or four times, but was told it's too cliche. Sam Sumser and Michael Lotten eventually helped him finish it.

Hold On Mitch! We've Got One Last Question!

Mitchell Tenpenny, "Alcohol You Later" Lyrics:

Number one on my speed dial / I changed your name so my friends won't find out / But they're all heading home now / And I got word that she's hanging downtown / I know I shouldn't do it / Oh, but these shots I'm shooting / Make me not give a damn.

And now it's one more last time / We swore we wouldn't / But it's one more sunrise / Breaking through these curtains / And I know when we're sober we'll both say, it's over / But it ain't really over / 'Cause alcohol, alcohol, alcohol you later / Alcohol, alcohol, alcohol you later.

Two for ones on a Tuesday / Bartender poured 'em too strong 'cause he knows me / Then I take out my phone, find out if she's at home / 'Cause I need someone to drink with.

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