Ingrid Andress looks to turn back time in her new piano-led ballad "The Stranger," the second single from her Lady Like album.

The "More Hearts Than Mine" hitmaker patiently asks her lover to hit reset. It's a clear-the-room conversation that speaks to the heart of a failing relationship, but she's casting no stones. With each vulnerable verse and a building refrain, Andress recalls a feeling she's quite certain she can regain, but the song ends before we know if her extended hand is accepted.

Heavy chords add importance to the mellifluous presentation of "The Stranger," a song that gives major Brandi Carlile vibes by the end. A simple arrangement relies on guitars that mimic important backing vocals that add something heavenly. A layer of steel guitar keeps the song country — should Andress and her record label promote the song to Hot AC or pop radio, that's sure to be replaced with strings, but it's just right for country radio. Time will tell if it's right enough to score her a second No. 1 hit.

Did You Know?: Andress grew up in rural Colorado but moved to Nashville in 2014.

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Ingrid Andress, "The Stranger" Lyrics:

I can't remember the last time / We sat at the table, just the two of us / Looked into each other's eyes / And made the choice to choose us / Let's trace the steps of where we've been / To make it feel like home again.

You play the stranger / I'll play the girl at the bar / The same place where all this got started / Sometimes I wish I didn't know you at all / So we could do it all over / Fall all over each other again.

I know you remember that first night / I asked if you would wanna dance / You made me laugh in the neon light / With your two left feet telling me you can't / Let's trace those steps to we can find / Where we got lost in love that time.

Repeat Chorus

Let's trace the steps of where we've been / To make it feel like home again.

Repeat Chorus

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